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About us

Our names are Christian and Emmanuel and we are two passionate lovers of wine and good food.

Perhaps the good food has been the inspirational source of the road we have decided to undertake.

Christian from Italy and Emmanuel from France, always competing on which country gives birth to the best wine or food and who knows better how to enhance them, but with a common way of thinking, that both lands produce and give life to fantastic wines .Old Stories and secular traditions have made these countries in two unique territories, almost like a fairyland with hills and landscapes that  remind and smell like the ancient times .
Like our childhood, different in many ways but strikingly similar to others, such as the memory of the scents and perfumes that accompanied the days of the grape harvest with the impatient waiting to sip and enjoy the new fruit after so much dedication and work. Because in a glass of wine there are lots of things, from the memories of that childhood to familiar faces and unique moments , but also the new flavours that are the framework for new experiences and new beginnings .....

All this has helped us to be involved in this great passion. Wine is not only a drink, it is good company and desire to be together, to share with others the pleasures that the earth has offered to us.
With the project of Cantina 31 marzo we decided to collect and sell the best wines that our countries propose with the help of the knowledge and the wisdom of man , being careful also to wines that are produced in other areas enologically newer.
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